Our Services


We offer exhaust hood cleaning service by trained, qualified and certified technicians that clean as per NFPA Code 96.
  1. 1. We clean the entire exhaust hood system from top to bottom
  2. 2. Cleaning of the roof fan and blades
  3. 3. Lubing the fan motor and fan bearings with every cleaning
  4. 4. Changing fan belt as needed
  5. 5. Change roof grease catcher pan so grease doesn't end up on your roof
  6. 6. Clean the make-up air filters of your return air system for better kitchen circulation
  7. 7. Give you before and after pictures with every cleaning


  1. We offer weekly filter cleaning to restaurants so you never have to touch filters again. Once a week, we will come and take your dirty filters and swap them with clean ones. We order a brand-new set of filters for your exhaust hood system...they are yours to keep with this service. We have very competitive pricing.


  1. At Southern Hood Clean, we utilize the best tools and equipment in the industry, to keep your business clean and pristine. We have the tools, equipment and the right cleaning chemicals to thoroughly and professionally pressure wash drive-throughs, dumpster pads, and virtually any other hard service inside and outside of your restaurant.